I am asked this question often, “What do you do and how does it work?”  I will use this explanation as a way to sum it up.

When I first started energy healing I was experiencing a miraculous healing, I used a specific modality. What we didn’t know is that I was kind of doing it “wrong”, but for me…it turned out so right! I soon recognized that it worked for some but not everyone. That does not cut the mustard with our spiritual scientist determined ways. I wanted everyone to have a healing. Down the rabbit hole I went. What makes one person have a miracle and another stay stagnant? It is about codes. Yup, I said it. Codes, not secret codes, but a very specific vibrational code that is unique to that individual. You see I can not use my code to heal you. We have different codes. I can give you some of my energy to help fuel your battery, but I am leaving my self with less energy. Not so good for my codes. Found that out the hard way. You see, we only get sick if we lack energy. That is why the world has energy vampires runny all over. That is the culprit of drama, to suck you in and steal energy. The one who gave their energy away will then steal energy from another, or get sick, then rest and perhaps will recharge their energy through rest or get sicker. Let’s look at one who is sick. They get more energy and attention from others who “give” their energy and the sick one gets better. So no matter how you slice it, we give and take all day long. A big energy exchange going on.  Some of us left with less than where we started.

How does that apply to what was figured out? Well, when I sit down with clients, we walk through a very simple technique that uses their codes, for their energy, through the heart. This will activate a gamma brain wave state. Why is that important? Well, almost all trauma and excitement puts us in a gamma brain wave state. The state where time is irrelevant. This event is imprinted in us and changes our belief system in an instant in the subconscious. It can not be cleared unless you get back in to that brain wave state. Hence, why certain modalities work for some…but not all. They are only using one or two brain wave states.  I use them all, but we do not just go to gamma to get the shift, I show you how to clear the pattern so it does not manifest in another illness or mishap. You must get to the root cause of the issue at hand. We got that baby down!! Now, we are not saying that everyone shifts cancer in just one session, but many actually do. It is not up to me, it is in fact up to the client. By teaching them how to clear patterns, they free up more energy… the energy they need to heal. No matter what, by the time they have gone through the H.E.A.L Technique a shift will have occurred. One that can clear it in an instant and/or bring them new insight to move forward. It is remarkable and I am so happy to have this to share.  The most important part of a healing and a manifestation is to be in the heart not the head! In short, through clearing a pattern and highly charged moments your limitations are lifted and you move into an expanded awareness. Welcome Home!