I am really loving spring! Here in the USA we are seeing some very interesting weather patterns. My mother-in-law came to visit for spring break and the weather in Florida was nearly the same as in upstate New York. That is very rare. My parents live in the desert of Arizona and went from 80 degrees to a snow storm and back to 80’s in just 3 days! Well crazy weather or not, our human bodies are feeling the shift of seasons. With every seasonal shift we encourage you to do a bit of cleaning! This is in a physical sense and a non physical sense. I have been watching Theresa go through cleaning her house like a tornado for a few weeks and I must say she is on her game. Her mind seems so clear and her energy is in peak states! Perfect timing for our classes this weekend… tee hee.

In your home: De-clutter! We have Craigslist now and that can make cleaning up profitable! Don’t wanna wait for a sale? Call a local charity to come pick it up! It feels so good to have a home clean and organized. Hit those closets and eliminate things that you have not used in a year or two. I have a desk that needs a serious detox!

In your body: Did you know that it was common practice to take a “tonic” in the spring to get the blood flowing and tone up the muscles. A spring cleanse is also a great way to eliminate some parasites, fungus, and bacteria that may have been making a comfy nest in your tummy all winter. Imagine the different mindset you will have when the little parasites are no longer sucking your energy and sending out “poor me” signals.  You can simply eat more organic veggies and drink plenty of warm water with lemon to see a quick shift!

In your mind: Ohh the chatter. As we rev up our engines for spring, we are sometimes all to overwhelmed with all of the projects both work and home that need improving. Our brains just can’t seem to keep up with the overloads. It sounds like a few deep breaths and some organization should be at the top of your list. Take a few minutes and write down your goals for this month. It is amazing how much more you will stay on task if you make a list or paste some pictures of what you would like to change or do. Put it up where you can see it every day. Your mind will make an imprint of the goals and it will become a reality much quicker than a simple thought.  Go a step further and visualize! Yes, you have heard this all before, but have you actually done it? Wowza, what a difference when you do!

In your heart: To me, this is the most important step. Make all choices from the heart not the head. Get in to your heart space. This takes just a moment of putting your hand on your heart take a few deep breaths and feel the love inside of you. Feel your soul inside of your body. Breath in the love and breathe out the love. Do this before making big choices. If it feels light, it is a go. If it is heavy hold off for a while. This will change your life!

Whole life: Need a whole life lift? You know that is what we love to help with the most! I know you wanted help cleaning closets, but what if by changing some of your core patterns you could free up enough energy to turn into the Theresa tornado? Ha ha… How about that? Well we have many options to assist with that. In fact this coming up weekend we have three different workshops. The best ones for turning your life around is the H.E.A.L. Practitioner’s Workshop and the H.E.A.L. Retreat. Both of these classes will change the way you think and feel. Soo much lighter. Soo many possibilities! Are you in need? These classes are here to not only clean up your subconscious stuff, but also the subconscious patterns your parents gave you! That is some clean up…

Bottom line, we all have some cleaning up to do. Inside and out. We have a big mama planet going through a bit of that herself and when she cleans up, we feel it inside and see some odd weather on the out.  It is most important that you know that you are a powerful being and by you cleaning up, you make a difference to everyone else. Your ripple/butterfly effect is larger than you can possibly see. Let’s clean up and make this shift happen!

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Happy Spring,