How can laughter raise your vibration? We just finished 3 days of our workshops and retreats and we laughed enough for a years worth of ab classes! What was so profound was the amazing shift in energy. We started looking around and looking at the faces of all of the people who bravely came to have a transformation and saw years peel off of them through the power of the laugh! Laughter brings you in to a brain wave state of delta which is also the state we use to clear spiritual congestion. It is the closest vibration to gamma, which we use to transform the super stuck energy. You see, when you laugh you bring in lots of oxygen which raises your vibration really fast. We know when we are hysterically laughing, it seems like we can not even breathe, but when we finally catch our breath, it is a big breath…like yawns and sighs bring (both to wake us up…yes a pun 🙂 All of that clears out the old programs and expands your awareness. Did you ever know someone who laughs when they get embarrassed or when they got in a pickle? Well, they were naturally bringing themselves out of shame, which is a low, or yukky vibration. In order to gain their composure a chuckle is all it takes! I am one who often laughs at myself…even when I am alone. That is even kinda funny that I do that! What is amazing is it is contagious! We even laugh harder at the way others laugh…and they laugh at us and it is funny! That brings our whole soul present. The most perfect place!
Our souls want to be where the most excitement is and laughter gets us there. Oh wait…how do we get there? The first thing is to practice smiling. Huge step. Even if you are not super dooper happy, make it your new habit. I like to smile at everyone.
Story time: We once had a guard at the entrance of our neighborhood who was always grumpy. She was not big on smiles. If you live in the neighborhood you get to go in the resident lane that does not require us to stop and talk to the guard, but she can still see us. Well, Theresa and I live in the very same neighborhood and we put our smile theory to the test. We agreed to  wave and smile every day for one month straight to see if we could get her to smile back and perhaps even wave. After all we live in an amazing community and felt it was important for our friends to come in with a warm welcome. The first few days we had no luck, but after the 5th day of waving (sometimes like goofballs) she finally cracked a half of a smile. By week two, she was in a full smile, and by week three, we had a smile and a wave every time we came in. On the fourth week we noticed her smiling and waving to every car that came in. It totally changed the energy of coming home! A tiny little gesture changed the energy of a woman and the way she felt about her job and she didn’t even know we had a smile plan. What would this world look like if we all smiled at each other? Would it possibly get the vibration up as a whole. I believe it would. Perhaps we could turn the smiles into more laughter. It is hard to stay mad or sad when laughter fills the air.
When we see clients, they usually come to us with an issue that causes them stuck feelings. After a shift of energy to a flow, they often laugh at what they came for. The new realizations that come in after a clearing brings relief, joy and of course a smile! The true representation of the heart sending messages to our face. The heart generates love, a smile and laughter can be an amazing expression of the love we have inside. Love wants to share and a smile is an easy way to spread it!
Hint: If you want a smile boost, look up laughing babies on youtube.
Much love and laughs,

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