Understanding the moon
Today/tonight is a big mac daddy SUPER-MOON! It is the biggest full moon of the year! What a lot of people do not know is that the moon brings an incredible amount of positive ions. Those are the same ions we get from cell phones, computers, you know the kind. When off balance, our hormones are VERY MUCH reactive to these little guys. Some people may feel a headache, hyper, angry, super sad, unworthy or in some cases even manic. Our friend who works at a local hospital in the ER told us they “staff up” on nights with full moons as they tend to have quite a few more issues with the “weird” behavior. Have you ever heard someone say, “is it a full moon or something?” … I know I have, and many times it is. Now, don’t let the ions scare you because most of us (around 75%) will react favorable while 25% of us will be a bit “off”. No matter what, there are always solutions! I myself am a combo platter. I have a ridiculous headache yet I am experiencing a supercharged intuition!! And I am not alone. My telephone rang off the hook yesterday with “AH-HA’s” from friends feeling the supercharged intuition at it’s peak!
How can you use this current of Ions especially if you feel yukky?
First ground yourself by getting outside – barefoot if you can! By plugging in your feet to the ground it does just that…grounds you! The earth is filled with negative ions, opposite of moon and no, not bad actually just right!  A perfect balance when you plug in to big mama! You see Ions are not bad, they are just seeking balance! They are always looking for their mate and that mate can sometimes be your body! Getting outside with nature naturally balances you. My mom used to tell us to go outside and play all the time…now I know why! I am going to do more of that with my children! She also used to tell me when she was very upset she would go for a walk to the back of our pasture and by the time she came back she would be reset. Makes sense as we are part of nature and by being in it we naturally get balanced! No wonder the beaches are always filled with tourist! Everyone wants to ground and balance! Can’t go to a beach? Sit under a tree for a few!
Another piece for today is trusting your intuition. WE ALL HAVE IT! Yup! Pre-designed in our DNA! Today is a good time to go with your gut or listen to what your heart has to offer. If you have some big questions, ask them to yourself and you may find all the answers right inside! *Tip…ground out and get balanced first!
P.S. When I asked a super gifted six year old boy why I was having all of these energetic symptoms, he said we are getting assistance from the gravitational moon, stars, and sun. Funny that a child who had no idea about the full moon comes up with just that! Out of the mouth of babes…