Understanding vibrations
We are all a very specific vibration. We also change or tweak our vibration when our thoughts and emotions change. In our very basic workshop we teach you how to match a vibration. Let’s take this a little further. We know that you can access information on ANYTHING yes ANYTHING by matching a vibration, but how about learning more about your own.
Story time…tee hee imagine that! As you know, Theresa and I learn and teach through play. We have both been busy with a large amount of new clients and also with our families, but we have also noticed a great deal of energy running through our bodies that spikes up and also makes us VERY tired. Got any of that going on? Hmmmm, we had to look in to that. Remember earlier this month I had the dream about domino’s. They were set up all around the world, all connected. Set and ready to go. Then at the very end of May the first domino went and started the chain reaction and the last one fell down at the end of December. We got a whole bunch of emails about that- explaining that our right brains are going to light up like Christmas trees come June 5th. I think we are all feeling a little bit of this, but let me go further. Venus is having a play date with big mama earth and daddy sun and we get to reap the benefits. Whoo Hoo! What that is saying is that all of our logical hard work we have been mapping out is finally going to have a creative force to whisk it in to fruition sooner than expected! Ohhh to relax!
As I looked in to this possible chill time I decided it is a good time to become friends with my vibration. Really good friends. I realized I have been beating up my body with negative thoughts since puberty. I have always been comparing myself to someone else “better”. I have not consistently been embracing the amazing honor it is to have one of these bodies. This body my soul inhabits and I have been through some things…tons of surgical procedures, child births, gobs of medications, breaks, tears, major illness, and a lot of party hearty. It has also given me a chance to express hugs, smiles, tears, feelings of in depth love, meditation, and for me my all time favorite communication and laughter! Vocal communication and laughter I have been without for 4 days! YES FOUR DAYS! Something stole my voice and I am still looking for it! Uggggg no talking for me is like holding my breath for 4 days! No laughing??? When I can’t make noise it just does not seem like it is as funny! I have a deeper appreciation for these amazing bodies than I have ever had before. I know… I know, you would have thought that I had figured that out a long time ago…tee hee. This is another awakening for me.
I urge you to do the same. Look in the mirror and have GRATITUDE for this vessel you are here to experience life through. Nurture it, love it, tell it you love it. Respect it and stop being a bully. If you want to change it, then put together a plan. That is my Birthday Plan for my body. I am going to take it to the beach and soak up the salt water and sun. I am going to give it more water and more oils. I’m going to talk to it like my best-est friend ever! It is a super cool organism and it holds a vibration, one that is more beneficial when it is loved! Let’s all love these bodies and embrace the Venus energy coming our way. Let’s do an experiment with the domino dream and see if we can boost our vibrations up a notch or two by December.This will indeed change the collective.  A grand plan to raise our vibration with our bodies through confidence, gratitude and LOVE!