To BE or not to BE?  Do you ever wonder…how much of me is me and how much of me is programs? Theresa and I  went through “phase two” of super learning in the last few years of our lives, observing and absorbing so much information! After reading that book it seemed like “phase three” moved in as well…lol! It is so much fun being aware! Learning how many of our beliefs are habit was astounding. We are still finding those “pop up” beliefs that are so limiting. Judgment is a BIGGY. Competition is HUGE. How do we eliminate these buggers when our society and heritage pounds them in to us? A few deep breaths and some new realizations seem to be the best way for us. What helps you become present? Is it a walk in nature? Some very yummy food? What we are finding is that we are at a time when our high self aspect is merging with the subconscious forming a very present and aware being in all of us. We see so many of our friends and clients coming in to this place of BEing! There is no question that it is not always easy to eliminate the old. It is like throwing away your favorite OLD shoes, or passing on that china that you have moved from house to house and NEVER used. All that clutter, even if it is tucked away, takes up space in your life. When we look at beliefs of the old, it takes up energy. Energy that we could be using to create with. Are you stuck in the same cycle? You can book a session or get the H.E.A.L. Technique and start freeing up some energy right away. It is time for us all to BE!