It is not often that we suggest a book. In fact, almost never since we do not read much anymore anyways, but there is a book we have been waiting for to and it is well worth the wait. It is profound and parallel with what we feel is and has been happening on our planet and how it affects us as human beings. There is a lot of shocking information for some, and this is for you to feel in to if you decide to read it. We have found it to be the best book we have ever read!
Awareness is expansion and that gives you more options. The man who wrote this book has been very helpful and very brave. Our friends that are reading it now have been calling us saying “OMG who knew!” Yup, it is a powerful one indeed, and we are excited to share! Here is a link: OUR JOURNEY HOME

Send us an email after you read it…we are excited to hear your input!

Did you miss our talk with Dr. Elizabeth? She is a true person of LOVE who is here to spread love and joy! We were honored to be on her show on the Awakening Zone, and will be doing more. In case you missed it, you can listen to the instant replay by clicking HERE!! It was an amazing talk and has a taste of getting in your heart space!