When someone in our “civilized” society steals, lies or hurts someone else we often “help” them by punishing them…

Which, when you think about it is crazy…

But I recently heard a story how a tribe deep in the heart of Africa handles such offenses, and it moved me deeply.

You see, whenever someone in this village of a few hundred people steals or causes someone severe harm the victimizer is brought to the center of the village and everyone joins hands to form a circle around him or her.

Then, one by one, they each take turns telling the perpetrator what they love and appreciate about them, saying things like…

… “I appreciate you and how you helped build my hut the other day”

… “You are great provider and a mighty warrior”

… ” You are fun and my children love playing with you”

… “I love how you do your work with such joy”

And sometimes it’s an authentic “I love you” that has been known to bring streams of tears to the eyes of the most hardened person in the center of the circle.

What’s amazing is that this goes on for hours until everyone in the village has had a chance to contribute.

Then, as an amazing symbol of unity…

When the last person has said their peace, they open a space in the circle inviting the person to join them in their rightful place as part of the whole.

They say they do this because they believe that the person in the center of the circle has just temporarily forgotten who they are. And by reminding them of their greatness they can be healed.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have a healing circle like that to help you remember your greatness too?

That no matter what crime you feel you’ve committed against yourself or another person you could be released without any judgment…

And where everyone in the circle only sees you’re highest good?

Well, I have some good news. For a very limited time now you can…
Because starting on August 27 Adoley Odunton, host of the Wellness Revolution Series will be bringing together 21 of the most brilliant and compassionate spiritual healers to help you heal your most formidable health, relationship and money challenges in a unique format called The Healer’s Circle…

Guess What?! I’ve been asked to join this amazing group and will be Monday,September 17th at 12:00PM PST3:00PM EST on a topic I’m passionate about:
Soul Awakening – Discover the Powerful Being You Really Are! 
Whoo Hooo!!!
You will have a live whole hour healing with me… all as a gift for being here, right now!

Below I’ve included my special invitation link.


Adoley has gathered together an extraordinary group of healers. Here is a sampling of the amazing experts who will be a part of this series…

·         Caroline Sutherland – Hay House author and renowned medical intuitive
·         Rhonda Britten, renowned life coach, TV host, NY Times best selling author and founder of Fearless Living Institute
·         Dr. Dain Heer, International Speaker, Author, and co-Founder of Access Consciousness.
·         Melanie Smith, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Energy Medicine Practitioner
·         Kenji Kumara, Quantum Healer and Creator of Quantum Lightweaving
and many more new and exciting healers.

I’d be honored if you’d join us for this unprecedented, (and free), 8 week series. Because this call is unlike any other spiritual gathering offered before online, with

  •     75 minute sessions with the healer, without interviewer interruptions
  •     Meditations that instantly calm your mind, no matter how chatty it is in there
  •     Transformational processes that can be instantly applied to real life situations
  •     Healing activations that free you from self-sabotage
  •     Energy shifting clearings that revitalize your focus and zest for life
  •    Vibration raising attunements that increase your self-love and acceptance of others
  •     One on one coaching that would normally cost you $100s of dollars per hour

But that’s not all that makes the Healer’s Circle so unique. To help you hold your highest intention for healing through the 8 weeks there’ll be…

3 special intention calls.

1 at the beginning with the healers to help you open yourself to the fullest healing potential throughout the series.

1 half way through to keep you on track and

1 at the end to check in with the healers on your progress.

Plus, Adoley will also have her team of Practitioners praying for you every day for 8 weeks. As well as a community Facebook page to connect with others, post your prayer requests and celebrate your breakthroughs.

If you could use a loving circle of friends who will help you remember who you are when you’re committing loveless acts against yourself and others then you’re invited to join us now…

And we’ll open a space in the circle for you to take your rightful place in helping to heal the whole.

P.S. Oh, and one more thing… as soon as you sign up you’ll also instantly get some fabulous bonuses from the healing practitioners.
Head on over there to check them out now you will get a goody from me too 🙂