There is so much going on and the chatter is being hyped up… How do you know if you are awake? What is this 2012 Awakening about really?
Join us as we take a deep look inside of awakening and what it means to YOU! Click HERE to get your complimentary entrance to a whole new world! Carolanne will be speaking about the steps to take to FEEL your own Personal Shift! Phew! Just in time…

Did you know? Although it seems so overwhelming, there is an easy way to overcome all of the chatter and it is through the inner voice in your heart! Did you know that the heart responds 45 times faster than the brain? (I didn’t know that when developing the HEAL technique, but that confirms why we want to get our vibration to a 45!) So that means the signals the heart sends to the brain can influence perception!!! Hmmmm, if only we would just pay more attention. Try this… before making decisions, put your hands on your heart and listen to it by feeling what it wants to say. When are facing choices feel if it is light or heavy. If it is light, you will know it is truth. If it is heavy, you may want to ask in another way, or reevaluate your path. Our hearts have so much to say and it is our core of our BEing, by listening to our core it really can make decisions so much easier and help us feel soo much lighter…cheers to that! I got my 45 on…do you?


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