My oh my I had the neatest vision…even though it started off kinda scary. I usually go to bed before my husband so I can have quiet time to visualize and set intents. A few weeks ago I was in a tizzy…overloaded with mental chatter. Have you ever had those spells of “what if this, what if that? I have to do this…?” Well, I got wrapped up in that world for a bit. Yup, it happens… Well, I was having a headache and experiencing a low vibration when I went down lay to visualize and set my intents. What I saw was all of these “pop up” messages like how they are on cartoons. “BAAM – POW – BANG” only mine were “I AM OVERLOADED – I AM STRESSED – I AM SCARED” it went on and on making me quite dizzy and nauseated. I asked, who’s thoughts are these? I then heard SO-CI-ETY. A large room filled with these negative thoughts filled my vision and then I asked, “where is my thoughts?” in the far corner was this little baby sticky note that said, “i am love”. So I grabbed it and stuck it on my heart and repeated it over and over and over until all the chatter came to a stop. So did my headache! Instantly the pop ups disappeared and like in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas my heart grew five times larger! Not only could I see the love, but I could FEEL it! I set my intent to REMEMBER that at the core of our spirit, we are ALL LOVE. Ahhh  safe, back in reality.  The reality that I choose.   LOVE.  Even though there are people out there doing very naughty things, they are bombarded with years of pop-up’s and do not know how to get out.  Now you do! Put your hands on your heart and find your sticky note for I AM LOVE! You are way more powerful than those programs in the air… YES, you really are!

Update: Been putting up sticky notes to remind me so I keep remembering! I am looking into making up a sticky note pack with lots of little reminders to keep us in LOVE!