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Hi Jacklyn,
Thank you again for Carolanne Anselmo’s presentation.  I found it to be especially powerful and listened to it 3 times.  Her simple, direct approach is very refreshing and effective.  The third time, I became very clear as to the SOURCE of all my PAINFUL wounds.  Several years ago, a spiritual healer confirmed what I had always suspected, that I never wanted to experience this lifetime, knowing what was in store, and was very upset about it before I finally agreed to take it on.  (Perhaps I am in for a treat somewhere down the line, maybe infinite light at the end of my tunnel FINALLY…) The countless losses I have experienced (heartbreak, abandonment, rejection) seemingly obliterated and frazzled me with stress over and over again.  The old and new stress became so increasingly extreme this year that I finally realized I had to face it head-on or it would soon kill me.  As Carolanne mentioned, stress crunches up our DNA…
This ties in with my obsession with enlightenment and my insights yesterday and today.  To wit:
As others have attested, we can be mentally and/or emotionally enlightened, which is great, but until we are PHYSICALLY ENLIGHTENED, we cannot be FULLY ENLIGHTENED.  Once we are physically enlightened, shining our love and light everywhere always becomes absolutely natural and effortless.  We simply are enlightened, and everything else flows from that!!!
This year, I am absolutely focused on the physical experience of enlightenment, which for me so far has been a rigorously challenging one. My soul has been steadfastly engaged in illuminating every particle of my being!!! There seem to be an infinite number of particles… Looking forward to simply being a STAR everywhere always!!!
Love and light,