You know when you know that you know but you still find yourself asking…”Am I crazy?”Well, I knew that I had to take it slow this last summer because I had that feeling where I knew I needed to be available to my kids. So instead of traveling all around teaching classes, I decided to stay home bound and take some classes. I became a certified hypnotist, took 6 levels of Human Design, and became educated in endocrinology over night. That last one was unexpected.

Here is how it happened…I took my son in to his super awakened pediatrician for his yearly well visit and left with a pink slip to see an endocrinologist.A few days later… A sunny afternoon went from “why did my son stop growing?” to his blood results showing type 1 diabetes, which was most likely activated by the high amounts of Lyme in his body, and the need for insulin and human growth hormone. That same day my daughter came home with our first ever case of lice and my husband left earlier that day out of town for a week. Oh let me not forget that my dog had a massive panic attack that day from thunder and the cherry on top…my “special super dooper water”  facet blew up and my house flooded. So I did a few deep breaths and decided I needed to jump off a high bridge. Only problem was, I promised my kids I would take them roller skating that weekend and no one else could drive, so I needed a plan B. Laughter.At least I figured out why I was supposed to stay home this summer, I wasn’t crazy after all, just blindly intuitive. I had turned down several offers just based on my gut saying STAY HOME! Thank heavens. I often wonder where I signed some of those dotted lines, guess it all gets channeled into making me a very understanding empath…Ahhh… the interesting life experiences we encounter. I will not lie, I knew nothing about diabetes. I quickly learned about insulin, carb counting, glucose monitors and what an amazing BRAVE son I have.

In fact the only tears that I have had is for the total amazement I have in my son for taking all 3 issues and being so optimistic. He said, “Mom, you healed from over twenty autoimmune issues, I AM SURE I can heal from one.” Wow.We started with the Lyme as it could have been the precursor to activating the type 1. With the help of The HEAL Technique, an amazing healer friend Kathy Ferrante, who uses NAET to eliminate allergies  and our favorite Hypnotist teacher and friend, Tracy Buchard, we now have results with yummy proof from extensive blood work…dun dun dun… not a single marker of Lyme!!!!! We are well on our way.Horray! I said we, but really this is one boys adventure.

I told my son what I tell everyone and that is, We HEAL ourselves when we are ready. As a mom I have to allow him to go through his journey. I can assist, coach, even walk him through it but it is ultimately his own energy that will change this situation IF it is even something that he really wants changed. In the meantime I told him to embrace the experience. He wouldn’t have picked such a complex mixed bag if he didn’t want to have the experience on some level.I bet you have all had really challenging things jump out like I did, only to bring you to a higher state of awareness and I’m sure you can reflect on a few that felt really, really yukky in the middle of it, but transformed your life with strength and clarity that have empowered you ever since.

Sometimes we get stuck with the replays…ever get those? What if and Why’s? Those suck! How do we get out of all of those head games anyways? Well the truth is just get OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Your head is the only thing that will drive you crazy!! Your heart will always lead you in truth.With that said, I am gifting you this quick pick me up meditation to help out on those CrAzY DaYs with the intent that you can come back to balance and remember there is ALWAYS a bigger picture!