First let’s define intuition: 
Intuition: The ability to acquire knowledge immediately without interference and/or the use of reason.

We have all had our AH HA moments, but how is it that some people just “know” things, how is it that some people can receive or pick up on information of someones past or someones future without even knowing them?
We all have senses, some of us can use our sense of second sight, some of us just know what we know and we don’t know why, some of us have internal hearing, did you know that some of us can even “smell” when something is off? YUP, and then we have the feelers…where they can feel other peoples pain even more than the person experiencing it! Whoa Nelly!!!
Now let’s just recognize that
you ARE psychic!
There it is…the scary word, yet you are.  But for those of you who are uncomfortable with that word…let’s use the word intuition until you are.
It is in your DNA.
Carolanne is going to spend the next few months helping you recognize your intuition, which sense is your strong point, how to use it to your benefit in all relationships including work, love, parenting and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself!
Talks, seminars, and more quick emails are coming your way to help you gain a better understanding of YOU!
Oh, and we do all of this is a
who has time for dull boring low vibration learning anyways? EWwwE…

Mark your calendar for the first Florida “fun-shop” of the year!
February 22nd is Intuition Day, let’s see where you are at and how to amplify it…
A little hint, it is NOT in your head
(it is in your heart)

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Using your intuition and trusting it raises your vibration.
Did you know that every time a vibration shifts to a higher frequency everyone gets a bump up? It is contagious! Let’s look at a simple yawn for instance… have you ever seen someone yawn and then you yawn? It isn’t because they are trying to make you tired, it is because they just took in a heap of oxygen and it made their vibration raise…your body naturally wants to match it, so you YAWN! Anyone yawning just reading this? We yawn to stay awake and a high vibration is quite frankly, AWAKE! We also yawn when we are processing. Hey teachers… your kids aren’t bored, they are filing the information you are teaching, and yes, in some cases trying to stay awake. Tee hee 🙂

What if we use our intuition more and — USE IT!!!
More self trust = More self LOVE!
So what happens when someone shifts into LOVE? Ever notice someone who is freshly in love is rarely bothered by negativity? They just lolly around like it is no big deal. Whoa…maybe there is something going on here.  Sounds like someone is in their HEART SPACE!
Carolanne is going to talk about your vibration and see how much of your day is in a vibration that is really working for you instead of against you.
Let’s have a chat!

Here are Carolanne’s upcoming talks with many different topics and interviewers that are all FREE to listen to! Whoop Whoop!!!!!

Tuesday,  March 11, 2014 at 8 PM EST   with Jacklyn Johnston! Click here to sign up

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 @ 1:00 pm EST  with Sue! Click here to sign up! 

Thursday May 22, 2014 at 1:00 pm with Shefali Burns! Click here to sign up


 Hi Jacklyn,
Thank you again for Carolanne Anselmo’s presentation.  I found it to be especially powerful and listened to it 3 times.  Her simple, direct approach is very refreshing and effective.  The third time, I became very clear as to the SOURCE of all my PAINFUL wounds.  Several years ago, a spiritual healer confirmed what I had always suspected, that I never wanted to experience this lifetime, knowing what was in store, and was very upset about it before I finally agreed to take it on.  (Perhaps I am in for a treat somewhere down the line, maybe infinite light at the end of my tunnel FINALLY…) The countless losses I have experienced (heartbreak, abandonment, rejection) seemingly obliterated and frazzled me with stress over and over again.  The old and new stress became so increasingly extreme this year that I finally realized I had to face it head-on or it would soon kill me.  As Carolanne mentioned, stress crunches up our DNA…
Hi Jacklyn,
Carolanne’s presentation was very powerful for me.  I felt very spacey afterwards, then did my evening meditation session and felt like I was going to explode.  My morning meditation session today was very intense.  Actually, my meditation sessions this year have become increasingly intense.  I usually skip meditation in the evening because I do not want to deal with it.  My morning sessions seem to be necessary for me to get through the day…
I agree, it is all about embodying the light…
Love and light,