So many times I have a client come in that will plop down and
before I can ask them a question they are telling me an unbelievable story
about the events in their life that needs 
I listen patiently as they tell me of the decisions and actions they took
that led them to come clear some energy. It never fails that when I ask them
to get into their heart they have a very different answer than the one from their head.
It is almost as if they are different people. One authentic, one programmed by
the collective or DNA. When we go over the different answers, they always
can tell which one is telling the truth…I bet you can guess

Ummm Hummmm…
why is that?
Imagine all of the thoughts and feelings you pick up
at different times of your day…or night.
How many of them are actually yours?
How many of them are someone else’s or
Something else’s?

We are constantly being lightly hypnotized every time
a suggestion is made to us. Verbal, physical, apparent or silent.
Humans, TV, news, music, nature, microwaves to radio waves.
The brain picks up signals and suggestions constantly and
quickly runs it through the subconscious belief center we have stored
and decides to dump it or pick it up!
Biggest issue we have is we will “run the program” and
we don’t necessarily even know when or where the heck we picked it up!
So when I hear a frustrated client I take them to the heart space and look for answers there.
Once the heart identifies the true answer, and we do the HEAL Technique, the heart signals the brain and
new neuro pathways are built eliminating the “fake” programs!

Let’s check into our hearts more often!
I bet your brain will be way more happy if you did.

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