Mercury in Retrograde – An Experience from the Heart


By Tonya Turrell


Oh, boy. Mercury is in retrograde again. It began on the 4th of October and will leave us all in its crazy wake on the 25th of the month. Are you feeling it?

The planets are constantly in movement. All of this movement affects us in different ways. When Mercury goes into retrograde, the planet slows down, and so it appears to stop and move backward. It’s an illusion. It’s not really moving backwards. But everything in our lives may feel a little backwards.  The typical advice is to back up your data, read the fine print, don’t take things to personally, and roll with the punches. All good advice. But is there a different way to approach mercury in retrograde?

I always know when mercury goes into retrograde. Not because I look up the dates. But by the chaos that shows up in life. It happens three or four times a year, and the last few were rough for me. Every time I thought I had my shit together. Every time, I felt like mercury kicked me in the teeth.  But this time has been different. Vastly different.

This time I’m not experiencing mercury’s dark side. I’m feeling blissed out from being in my truth. WRITING. It’s what I was meant to do. Writing Carolanne’s story and sharing the message of the HEAL technique is one of the stories I was meant to tell.  As I have been writing, my soul has been fully present in my body, channeling messages from spirit. I have been totally and completely in my heart. I have to be – the spirit comes in through the heart!  I feel like I’m in a sublime little bubble, typing away all day long through this retrograde, as content as can be. Of course, I’m backing up my data hourly. You know, just in case. But experiencing this retrograde in this way has shed light on how being out of my heart space during mercury retrograde can really amplify the madness and disorder that can show up.

So my number one tip for surviving mercury in retrograde (or anything else in life) is to get back into your heart. Mercury is the perfect opportunity to put heart-centeredness into practice. Here’s an excerpt straight out of the upcoming book on how to do just that.


  1. Observe yourself.  

Become a conscious observer of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, habits and patterns.  Just witness.  Become conscious of how present you are.  Could you be more present?  Witness the programs you are running.  Are you in judgment, shame or the throws of your story?  Does perfectionism have a stronghold on you?  What about scarcity-consciousness?  Are you feeling disconnected?  Offended?  Defensive?  Are you numbing?  Are you playing the martyr?  Feeling inferior or superior?  Just notice where your consciousness is.  The key to shifting in the midst of running programs is noticing that you are in them.  Without judgment or shame.  Because those are programs, too.

  1. Focus on your heart.  

Close your eyes.  Put your hands on your heart.  Sometimes it helps to tap your chest above your heart to focus your energy there.  Visualize the ego as a little marble in the center of your head.  Does it have a color?  Imagine dropping that marble down your throat and placing it lovingly into the center of your heart.

The key is to get into your heart.  The mind is deeply programmed and conditioned.  Your heart is your true guide.  Sometimes just putting the focus of your attention away from your mind and into your heart helps you tune into what is truth for you.  Put your hands on your heart and tune into to the thump-thump, thump-thump of this profound organ pumping life-giving, rich oxygenated blood to your body.  Feel the pulse and rhythm of your heartbeat.  This is your pulse of power.  Get still.  Quiet your mind.  Stay with it.  Come back to it anytime you feel out of sync.


  • Breathe deeply.  


Breath regulates the heart, bringing it into a steady, rhythmic rate.  This, in turn, regulates your most powerful energy field and the information you are beaming out into the universe, which is just going to boomerang right back to you at some point in time and space.

Breath is the vital link to awareness, energy and transformation.  Consciously and mindfully focusing on your breath brings you back into the present moment.  It focuses your attention and energy back into the physical body, allowing you to anchor your soul in your heart.

Taking a few deep breaths forces you to slow down so you don’t react from your programming.  It allows you to choose consciously how you are going to respond.

Breathe slowly.  Breathe deeply, from the belly.  Exhale longer than you inhale, if you can.  Take three breaths, or thirteen.  Whatever you need to center yourself in your heart.


  • Choose consciously.


You’ve become a witness to your own programs.  You have consciously focused your energy on your heart.  You have slowed down with conscious breathing.  Now choose.  How do you want to respond in this moment?  How does your ego want to respond?  How does your heart want to respond?  What will you choose?

This little exercise will help you get into the practice of centering yourself back into your heart.  Consistent practice will decrease the pull of your ego programs and patterns, which will make the journey of coming back into your heart easier each time you choose it.  Like a muscle.  Work it and it gets stronger.