We’re Not Scared of the Number 13. The HEAL TechniqueSM is the Doorway…

By Tonya Turrell

I love numbers and the meanings of numbers. Numbers are powerful symbolic expressions of life. Numbers are connected to all things in nature and people have used numbers since the beginning of time as representations of universal principles.

Our book is exactly thirteen chapters.  That’s by intention and design. The first twelve chapters set the stage and give you some background information, each chapter building on the one before. Twelve is a significant number and the first twelve chapters give you significant information. The number twelve represents a completed cycle of experience.  It’s also symbolic of the creation of the universe and the division of unity or God into twelve individual and distinct vibrations or tones. Physicists even postulate that there are twelve dimensions. We’ve seen the number twelve repeated throughout our planet’s history:  in Judaism, there are the twelve sons of Jacob who formed the twelve tribes of Israel; there are twelve signs of the zodiac; there are twelve months in a year; there are twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night; Jesus had twelve disciples; there were twelve knights at the round table; Buddha had twelve followers; the Greeks believed in twelve Gods on Mount Olympus; Buddhists believe that life is composed of twelve stages; there are twelve steps in Alcoholics Anonymous. Even ancient measurements are based on the number twelve:  a dozen is twelve of something, a shilling is twelve pence, and a foot is twelve inches.

The number thirteen is symbolic of upheaval, destruction and death so that new ground can be broken. So that you can birth yourself anew. The number thirteen is the doorway to a higher level of expression and experience. When you complete a cycle on the spiral of life, you jump up to the next rung.  The number thirteen represents the doorway to that next level. Thirteen is the doorway to transformation – the end of something old and a rebirth and renewal.

Twelve symbolizes a complete cycle. It invites us to move forward to the number thirteen, which represents a doorway to a new level. There are twelve months in a year. Then a new year begins. There are twelve signs of the zodiac. Then it starts a new cycle. There are twelve chapters of foundational information in this book. Then chapter thirteen is a doorway to a new level of consciousness. An invitation to wake up to the awareness of the brilliant, shining light that you really are. A doorway to remembering your organic truth. Chapter thirteen reveals the HEAL TechniqueSM, a simple technique on the cutting edge of healing that helps you unlock your own codes to understanding the truth of who you really are. The HEAL TechniqueSM is the doorway to your personal power. By using it, you will learn the easiest way to shift and transform.

Stay tuned for the latest news about the release of our book, Healing Simplified: How to Access Your Personal Codes to Transformation. I am entering a Hay House publishing contest in two weeks. The winner will be announced on the Hay House Writer’s Workshop Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/HHWritersWorkshop. Please send your good vibes towards getting Carolanne’s message out to the world via this amazing publishing vehicle.