Learning at HEAL is a beautiful and easy way for you to unfold during the shift into the light of the oneness while being surrounded by infinite LOVE!

To be or not to be…

HEAL Technique®  seminars are designed to take you in to a de-conditioning from the not-self to the Organic Self. The information discussed in these classes is priceless. The way you experience life changes, the way you see this planet changes, your relationships, well, you will certainly feel more deep towards the healthy ones and toxic relationships might just become nonexistent. After all, your energetic frequency impacts all aspects of your life…and far beyond.  You are more powerful that you imagine.

For an understanding of that powerful love you hold, and for an easy transition during this shift, register for our classes!  We are ALL capable to make our dreams come true…sometimes we just need direction. We have a class for those who are ready to step it up!

HEAL Technique℠ Classes are a multi-part series:

  1. HEAL Technique® Intuitive Play Day:  You can learn your own POWERFUL energy healing abilities in the HEAL Technique℠ Intuitive Play Day class.
  2. HEAL Technique® StartUP: Let yourself plunge into the depth of your synthetic patterns. Woah, what a clean up of deep DNA and Collective programming!
  3. HEAL Technique® Certification Workshop:  For those who would like to work with others, move into advanced techniques in the HEAL Technique® Practitioner’s Workshop, where we hand the tools and techniques right over to you.  If you are ready, you can learn it, use it, and become a Certified HEAL Technique℠ Practitioner!
  4. HEAL Technique® Retreat:  The HEAL Technique® Retreat is all about you, baby!  We focus on you and assist you in reclaiming your energy,  and well…your life!
  5. HEAL Technique® Advanced Certification: It is YOUR advancement to your organic path. You are worthy and you can totally share your new energy with all that you touch!

Additional HEAL Classes:

  • HEAL Human Design Level 1: Begin with your personal unique frequency chart. How to use your chart to understand where your energy is consistent and where it is not. We will look at your type, centers, profile and begin learning about your lines. This class is a foundation to begin to use the system to improve your quality of life!*It is our intention that this experience is easy, fun, and filled with LOVE! We love to be playful, so come with humor!

“My whole life has moved to a new level. These classes changed the way I think and feel! WOW!” ~Gracie Allen