Become a Certified HEAL Technique® Practitioner!

This workshop is designed to incorporate techniques used in the HEAL Technique sessions that ARE the cutting edge of healing and transformation!  This includes special secrets of shortcuts to manifesting… after all that is Carolanne’s style! This day is designed to teach you the easy way to shift subconscious programs in your DNA and that comes from ancestors, group consciousness, viruses, and imbalanced environmental means.

We focus on full spectrum vibrational healing. That means teaching you how to clear and neutralize trauma and energy sucking patterns in all brainwave states. You’ll learn how to match vibrations to serve you, how to breathe and how to implement the breath in healings.  Learn to change belief systems that get you stuck. Feel your way through patterns that shape your life and learn to break the ones that no longer serve you. Clear old heavy memories that repeat and post traumatic stress.

You will practice with classmates so you can access a higher vibration immediately. You will learn how our bodies relate and interact with our environment and emotions, and how to manipulate the outcome. Change your molecular structure to eliminate toxic emotions and mental issues. Find the programs that hold you from self love and wealth. Love yourself unconditionally?  YUP, that is the key and you will learn where you are now and how to feel it 100%.   Find and remember your SPIRIT and bring it together with SOUL! Wow Wee~SO MUCH AND SO EASY!! No wonder thousands and thousands of people all over the world are using the HEAL  Technique!

Certification  is issued after 13 sessions that you conduct. A follow up Q&A with Carolanne is required. No worries…it is a breeeeze!

**It is our intention that this class is easy, fun, and filled with LOVE! We love to be playful, so come with humor!   Oh and we don’t play by the rules so leave them at home 🙂

Here are the highlights of this class:

  • Calibrate energetic vibrational frequency
  • Neutralize intense memories instead of burying them
  • Uncover hidden programs and patterns in your subconscious
  • Eliminate harmful belief systems and imbalanced programs
  • Dissolve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual memories
  • Clear energy in all of the brain wave states
  • Release trauma without reliving the pain and story
  • Get out of the victim vibration
  • Shift your vibration to a new frequency
  • Heal from the heart with results that last
  • Reach expanded states of consciousness
  • Activate, stimulate and change your DNA for maximum vitality
  • Implement breath as a tool for healing
  • Release DMT and remove painful charges around life events
  • Create unconditional self love and remember how to live in gratitude
  • Accelerate manifesting your dreams and desires