HEAL Technique® Intuitive Play Day:

This is a total PLAY DATE!!!

In this transformational interactive workshop, you will learn how to channel or stream information from your higher-self and from others! You will learn the shortcuts to what takes people years to achieve in JUST ONE DAY!! The benefits to ‘hear’ and connect to all aspects of your self are life altering! You will also learn simple muscle testing and how to use it in your everyday life. You will learn how to remote view by looking intuitively in the human body, talk to the body and feel emotional messages. Learn to clear unbalanced energy from people, places, and things. Learn how to match the vibration of others and to hear messages from their body, heart and soul. Learn how to match the vibration of nature and the world of our ancestors. We will show you how to neutralize energy using the center of your heart. This is a very fun and easy class for novice and experts! You are a powerful intuitive being, isn’t it time for you to be on your organic soul path?