Welcome to the home of the HEAL TECHNIQUE® • Targeting your limiting life long emotional patterns .

We see your light. We also see some of the junk that muddies up your light. The HEAL Technique® helps you pinpoint when and where experiences muddied up your energy and teaches you how to transform and transmute it, therefore transcending it.

To start, let’s uncover your personal energetic patterns of belief and examine the belief systems that keep you stuck. Then we can find your personal healing codes to unlock and release yourself from the repeating pattern of stuck energy.

With those unique codes, we’ll know exactly how to go in and neutralize the charges to free up the stuck energy and obliterate the energetic block. This allows energy to flow. When energy flows, new doors open. When energy flows, new neural pathways are built in the brain and in your HEART.

When energy flows, you open up channels in your brain for new information to stream in effortlessly. New awareness. New perspective. New insights. New opportunities. A new paradigm. You are a powerhouse of energy.

It IS TIME… time to HEAL yourself. HEAL the planet. Make miracles happen.


A powerful meditation to help you shift stuck energy. Get free tips to break free from the patterns that limit you.

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…Just imagine what could shift in your world!

Carolanne, I know that the HEAL Technique® works. You know it works. But it’s always like – WOW it is just so easy and helps so many people! Do you get enough THANK YOU’s for this???”
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