HEAL Technique®Sessions 90 minute

$300.00 $250.00

H.E.A.L.™ Sessions – 90 minute


Product Description

Using a combination of intuition, your responses, and energy together we bring about a shift that will promote healing within you  This is  through the power of focused thought, intention through the energy of the heart, and a little bit of powerful breath work.

In your sessions, you’ll see how your subconscious holds belief systems, and how to change them to help you instead of work against you. These systems can be reprogrammed to serve you in just minutes! Just think about abuse and how it can haunt someone to attract more and more of it. It may change form, say from abuse from a parent to abuse from a co-worker. The pattern keeps repeating. What we do is teach your mind, body, and spirit to eliminate those programs…forever!  We also teach you how to balance your energy , clear negative energy from people, places, and items. You can also clear trauma and patterns that come from your ancestors down to your children. We will be empowering you by using many forms of your energy to allow for a shift in physical ailments and diseases. Many of these issues can be eliminated in just one session. Sometimes it is a perspective alone that shifts and “poof” the body let’s go of the illness! Intuitive body work is also used where you and I will talk to your body to witness changes to benefit you and teaching you as we go along. An empowerment that lasts with you forever!

Book a session by contacting through email or text 407-925-9657
We can do a session in person, by FaceTime, Skype, or telephone.  Distance does not matter when doing this energy work.

***For first time appointments it is recommend to have a minimum of a 90 to a 120 minute session. Appointments after that are one hour. Please drink at least 10 oz. of water before you arrive. Hydration and oxygen are essential.


A payment of cash, check or credit card will be charged  at the beginning of appointments in person. If we are doing an appointment by Skype or phone, please make a payment through paypal or contact H.E.A.L. for more options.