healing-heart-dnaYou are a powerful, magnificent being… Once your soul wakes up to this truth, you will be amazed to discover the powerful being that you really are.

What’s going on with you in your life that you don’t understand? Or that you want to heal or change? Or that you want to manifest? Whatever it is, it’s energetic in nature.

All of life is energy. You are energy. So are your thoughts, emotions, wishes, desires, the things you want to change, heal and transform. The causes of disease, depression, anxiety, and unhappiness are energetic. All of these things have an energetic source and also impact your energetic frequency. Your energetic frequency impacts everything in your life – the people around you, the circumstances of your life and the reality you experience.

A simple shift in your energetic vibration can radically transform your whole life.

You have all the codes to heal and transform yourself. Carolanne is the first to tell you that what she can do, YOU CAN DO.
(Best part is that it is easy)

Carolanne Anselmo is thrilled to present this exciting DOWNLOADABLE package – a very special offer for this audience…whoo hoo! This is the only place to get this package offered for this price! Each of the products has been consciously selected to help you wake up to the awareness of the brilliant, shining powerhouse of a super human being that you really are.

SUPER HEAL DEAL Value: $597 now only $111 (79% off2013-0603-HEAL-Technique-Pckg WEB


The SUPER HEAL DEAL is the Ultimate Transformation Resource

You are a powerful, magnificent being and you have all the codes to heal and transform yourself within you. This SUPER HEAL DEAL provides you with the tools you need to put into practice what we did on the call with the HEAL Technique®…or to take a deeper dive into utilizing it to clear blocks, create shifts and accelerate manifesting. This package will simply help you unearth where your energy is snagged up and stuck, then help you un-stick it.

You’ll get:

checkA downloadable audio that guides you step-by-step through the newest version of the HEAL Technique®  and how to calibrate your vibrational frequency so that you can discover and unlock your unique codes, make shifts, create healing and unleash your authentic power

checkThe HEAL Technique® Worksheet that functions as a step-by-step breakdown of each aspect of the HEAL Technique® so that you can uncover hidden belief systems, pinpoint when and where experiences muddied up your energy, dissolve blocks and clear programs that no longer serve you

checkA HEAL Technique® Class Transcript so you can follow along, take notes, dive deeper and transform your life

On this downloadable HEAL Technique® Audio program, you will be given the detailed instruction on the ins and outs of the HEAL Technique®

The HEAL Technique® is neuroplasticity on steroids! Therapists are using the HEAL Technique® around the world!!


You will learn how to:

  • Calibrate energetic vibrational frequency
  • Neutralize intense memories instead of burying them
  • Uncover hidden patterns in your subconscious
  • Eliminate harmful belief systems and imbalanced programs
  • Dissolve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks
  • Clear energy in all of the brain wave states
  • Release trauma without reliving the pain and story
  • Get out of the victim vibration
  • Shift your vibration to a new frequency
  • Heal from the heart with results that last
  • Reach expanded states of consciousness
  • Activate, stimulate and change your DNA for maximum vitality
  • Implement breath as a tool for healing
  • Release DMT and remove painful charges around life events
  • Create unconditional self love and remember how to live in gratitude
  • Accelerate manifesting your dreams and desires by getting in your TRUTH!

As a BONUS you will also get:

check  A free QUICK FIX audio cleanup tool
check  A 30 minute audio meditation to clear you energy to RECEIVE!!!
check A copy of Carolanne’s book HEALING SIMPILFIED Book-Mockup-Front_R1

SUPER HEAL DEAL Value: $527 now only $111 (79% off)


The SUPER HEAL DEAL is the Ultimate Transformation Resource


2013-0603-HEAL-Technique-Pckg WEB

SUPER HEAL DEAL Value: $527 now only $111 (79% off)



The SUPER HEAL DEAL is the Ultimate Transformation Resource