Meaning of the Number 13

We’re Not Scared of the Number 13. The HEAL TechniqueSM is the Doorway… By Tonya Turrell I love numbers and the meanings of numbers. Numbers are powerful symbolic expressions of life. Numbers are connected to all things in nature and people have used numbers since the beginning of time as representations of universal principles. Our

Are you Intuitive?

 First let's define intuition:  Intuition: The ability to acquire knowledge immediately without interference and/or the use of reason. We have all had our AH HA moments, but how is it that some people just "know" things, how is it that some people can receive or pick up on information of someones past or someones future

Am I Crazy??

    You know when you know that you know but you still find yourself asking..."Am I crazy?"Well, I knew that I had to take it slow this last summer because I had that feeling where I knew I needed to be available to my kids. So instead of traveling all around teaching classes, I decided to stay home bound

Listen to an AWESOME talk with Carolanne & Jacklyn from YOU AWAKENING!

Click here for an amazing chat about YOUR energy! Hi Jacklyn,   Thank you again for Carolanne Anselmo’s presentation.  I found it to be especially powerful and listened to it 3 times.  Her simple, direct approach is very refreshing and effective.  The third time, I became very clear as to the SOURCE of all

We see your light…So come shine it!

NEW DISCOVERY!!!  Tools for REMEMBERING! An exact replica of YOUR Souls Mayan Calendar Journey is held within your energetic system. Not by coincidence, there are 144 steps in both the Mayan calendar and your body!YAY! It's Pre Graduation and time to check for any unfinished experiences or 'charges' on your journey. Using Kinesiology, numbers & colors