At HEAL we get so many calls and emails after classes, seminars and sessions. Conversations inevitably start out with an excited “You’re never going to believe what happened!”  (Of course, we do.  We are big believers in the power of YOU!)  They tell us the most amazing stories.  Here are some of them…

Carolanne is one of those people that when you talk with her you just “know” not only with your mind, but with your heart and soul that she is authentic!  After hearing all of the experiences that she had gone through along with how she was able to overcome so many different physical ailments by using her HEAL Technique®   I knew that I needed to talk with her!  Not only does Carolanne “get” it, but she genuinely cares about the people that she helps.  I have seen her go above and beyond what any other teacher I know has done!  That kind of caring is rare!   During the call that we had, lives were shifted!  We had people that were listening live writing in to let us know that during the processes their emotions were going down in intensity faster then they have had happen ever before, that cords removed that had not prior to this call, one gentleman experienced such an immense shift that he began crying intensely as the relief washed over him!

Sue Fellows,  Host of Our Inner Awakenings

Carolanne,   I know that the HEAL Technique® works.  You know it works.  But it’s always like – WOW it is just so easy and helps so many people!  Do you get enough THANK YOU’s for this???

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“Hi Carolanne!  Here is a story for you and a thank you….I am currently up in Massachusetts as my partner’s mom was very sick and we came up here to be with her before her passing.  She passed peacefully on 08/01 but it has been very sad as you can imagine.  Now we have no idea when we are coming back.  Also I took this opportunity away from things to give my resignation for my job on Friday which as you can imagine was also stressful and difficult to do. Are you seeing where I am going yet?  So I was feeling pretty good physically but after the funeral I started to get really congested, we wrote it off to an allergy to the flowers which had been brought from the funeral home to the house and promptly moved them outside.  Well, still I seem to be having congestion, allergy issues.  Yes, even after quitting my job.  Here is where you come in! I got up this morning my head filled; coughing like a mad person….oh no I am not doing that again!  So I thought back to our session when I broke my rib, got a piece of paper and a pen, plugged in and went with the flow.  I suddenly realized that I must still have in my cellular memory a fear of change and moving (check your notes on our session) I went back and started writing what was coming to mind and working through the HEAL Technique℠ without my worksheet as best I could.  I realized that when I am afraid of big change, I have an allergy attack and sinus congestion – wait, that meant I am not allergic to pollen or air but to CHANGE.  Really?  Okay so I am plugged in and talking myself through the whole technique. My head suddenly drains.  13 deep breaths….hey, I am feeling pretty good!!!! Yep, by sitting down with myself and realizing the self-defeating pattern that was occurring I was able to work through and now, 45 minutes later, my head is not bad at all and I haven’t coughed a bit.  I share this for 2 reasons, first so you can be reminded how wonderful you and your HEAL Technique℠ are and second to remind myself how important it is to remember that I can access this and really use it to change anything in minutes in my life.  I want to thank you for being my friend and for teaching me this valuable tool, I can now deal properly with whatever change is occurring…and hopefully return to Florida soon!!!

 Blessings, Dru Ann

Update from Dru Ann a HEAL Practitioner:

I know that the technique works.  You know it works.  But it’s always like – WOW it is just so easy and helps so many people!  Do you get enough THANK YOU’s for this???

Updates:  My mom can now feel hot and cold in both her hands and has increased sensation in the left hand and is willing to do another session to see if we can go further!
I did a quicky session with a friend who was really unable to get in and out of a chair, his pain was visible.  He felt immediately better and heard from him today still feels great!
My sister Kandee has not been in a hospital for nearly a year!!!!  And her health continues to improve!
Used the technique with my partner and he thanked me for helping him to feel again.

Worked with a friend of a friend who felt better that night and thanked our mutual friend for sending her to me.

You deserve to hear of these moments.  I am so blessed to have learned this wonderful way of healing and living from you and to be able to bless others to heal their lives!

Thank you my dear friend!  I hope your travels are amazing!!!!!

Dru Ann
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As of June, the H.E.A.L Technique has relieved my digestive issues, restored intelligence to my immune system, candida I battled with for years –gone, strengthened my ligaments to keep my bones in place, expanded my lungs allowing me to take in more oxygen, improved posture (someone said I looked taller and noticed I had to adjust my review mirror in my car), improved my eyesight, greatly increased my energy (diagnosed with adrenal & chronic fatique syndrome plus thyroid disorder, & PTSD), gained self-confidence, better relationships, removed blockages allowing me to manifest my highest good, greatly improved outlook on life, and so much more -basically given me my life back! If I knew of this technique years ago, it would have saved me thousands of dollars on therapy, nutraceuticals and unnecessary suffering.” –   JA

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“Thank you again for Carolanne Anselmo’s presentation.  I found it to be especially powerful and listened to it 3 times.  Her simple, direct approach is very refreshing and effective.  The third time, I became very clear as to the SOURCE of all my PAINFUL wounds.  Several years ago, a spiritual healer confirmed what I had always suspected, that I never wanted to experience this lifetime, knowing what was in store, and was very upset about it before I finally agreed to take it on.  (Perhaps I am in for a treat somewhere down the line, maybe infinite light at the end of my tunnel FINALLY…) The countless losses I have experienced (heartbreak, abandonment, rejection) seemingly obliterated and frazzled me with stress over and over again.  The old and new stress became so increasingly extreme this year that I finally realized I had to face it head-on or it would soon kill me.  As Carolanne mentioned, stress crunches up our DNA…”

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“YES!!!  Carolanne’s presentation was very powerful for me.  I felt very spacey afterwards, then did my evening meditation session and felt like I was going to explode.  My morning meditation session today was very intense.  Actually, my meditation sessions this year have become increasingly intense.  I usually skip meditation in the evening because I do not want to deal with it.  My morning sessions seem to be necessary for me to get through the day…
I agree, it is all about embodying the light…
Love and light.” – Cindy


“Dear, Sweet, Wonderful Carolanne,  

 You generously spent some of your precious time with me via phone on Valentine’s Day and ultimately gave me the most wonderful Valentine’s gift….<3

My energy has gone from one of heavy “existence” to one of hope and possibility!!! I’d been stuck for a very, very long time. I knew where I wanted/needed to go but, not for lack of seeking, exploring, buying, employing, practicing, etc., I just could not maintain a spirit of joy and peace in my heart/life 🙁 

During our phone call, you, patiently and lovingly held my hand and lead me thru some exercises toward a beautiful clearing of the awful heaviness that had been sitting on my heart for much too long   :))))

Here are some of the changes that one phone call has made for me… The first day after the call I was, expectedly, on a “high” from the clearing but I knew the proof would be in sustaining a state of joy & peace regardless of my external circumstances. As I write this today, one week later, my heart & body are more connected and in sync. I feel lighter & free-er in both thought and feeling. My thoughts and actions are more concise and are coming less from my head and more from my heart space. The mental chatter & sabotaging thoughts have yielded to a sense of calm; hence, my mind is clearer and sharper without the obsessive and anxious thoughts


If that alone is not enough, the physical shifts have been just as profound!! For instance, for at least fifteen years I had been aware that my breathing was shallow and for lack of a better word restricted. I would have to stop and tell myself to take a deep breath because I actually felt that my body was not getting enough oxygen..and when I did take that deep breath, I physically felt a weight or heaviness on my chest almost restricting the flow. My breathing is now effortless and without restriction! The heaviness I felt is no longer there and my breathing is natural and oxygenating! On to my kidney’s… They were on overdrive after the call–which is a positive sign for me since my creatinine level last tested 1.2. Another significant change has been with sleep issues that have plagued me for decades. I struggled with getting to sleep, staying asleep, waking refreshed and/or ready to face the day. I was in a general state of fatigue all the time 🙁 This week I have experienced more rejuvenating sleep than I’ve known in ages!! I’ve fallen asleep naturally, remained asleep through the night, and I wake before the alarm feeling rested and looking forward to the day. The list goes on and on because, as you already understand, the shift took place at the molecular level so the positive changes are infinite…..Oh my goodness!!!!!! You are a gift and a blessing to the planet!! Your work is beautiful, genuine, and loving and I will be forever grateful for the shift you guided me thru. Words cannot express my thanks…but I know you can feel what’s in my heart!!

Thank you for my “Energy Makeover”  :)”  –  Love, Lili


“Dear Carolanne,

I wish to thank you so much for the wonderful session last Wednesday, and for being so very extra generous with your time! (had no idea that so much time had elapsed during the call, until afterwards).   I really love your outlook, the intention for simplicity in your techniques, AND, the fact that you are spreading positive energy out into the world.  I found your lightness of being, to be very appealing on The Year of the Dragon tele-seminar. I always figure that folk who laugh a lot …. have it “right”, and act as bright lights in the world (helping all of the rest of us … into a better space) 

I really appreciated all of the hints on how to keep balanced in spite of the energetic sensitivity. Anyway, herein is a report upon the results of my session with you …. there seems to be much of note!

A couple of days ago …. I took my wonderful pup for a walk down to the lake.   As I was looking across the water, to homes across the way, I suddenly realized that my eyesight was clearer than it has been in years (have been nearsighted, since I was a young child).   That was totally unexpected!

Recently, I realized that I felt a sense of “wrongness” within me, which is connected to my ever increasing awareness.   Logically, there is NO “wrongness” connected with awareness … but so goes the “craziness”.    My best guess, is that the “wrongness” thing springs from an experience outside of this lifetime (and some of it, might have been triggered by the “loss” of identity, when I quit my last career).

Whatever the case, my self concept seems to have found a space of greater balance … as a result of the session with you (and the sense of “wrongness,” seems to have greatly decreased). I Am feeling more at peace, and more in balance.    

Soooooo ….. a thousand thank you’s to YOU, for such a nice session. My universe is an improved and better place as a result.   I am so appreciative, of you sharing your knowledge, techniques and abilities with me. Best Wishes.” – Kim



You have been hugely instrumental in my work as a physician. Both personally and professionally your work has accelerated my growth moving to my explosive potential. In the healthcare field there are often wounded healers along with the rest of those struggling. Integrating HEAL Technique into my practice has helped many complex health problems with incredibly simple solutions. Attending the HEAL workshops, reading the articles, and experiencing the power of the work has greatly changed my life. Any transformation impacts the whole both globally and universally, I won’t miss any opportunity to work with you in the future!

Thank you, Dr. Ramah Wagner” –

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“Dear Carolanne,

I cannot begin to express to you the gratitude I have for you and how you have been such a monumental instrument in my life changing shift into consciousness. You have been a teacher and mentor to me. I now know I need and should live in my heart space and live in my truth!

I was able to overcome many emotional and mental blockages that I didn’t even know were there. However, you were able to help me reach within my soul to get to that space to release all that was holding me back from reaching my full potential and self worthiness.

Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for guiding me to reach my “TRUTH”. I now live in the moment where I can “Flow” through life and embrace what is given to me on a daily basis.

I now live every day saying that “ I am open to all the possibilities that will bring me complete bliss today!” And everyday this does happen! As well, I set the intent that I have continual treasures that wash ashore for me to enjoy. When one goes away, another washes up immediately.  This is the TRUTH and I thank you my friend! My heart is full of joy and love! Many HEARTfelt blessings.” – Kelly 


“Dear Carolanne,

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING.  The work I’ve done you’ve done with me has been transformative and so enlightening.  I’ve had chronic insomnia for years, have been on a number of prescription sleep aids (which I hated taking) and even they were beginning not to work, and a month ago, my insomnia was so extreme that my doctor told me to go to the ER.  I had trouble getting to sleep and would often stay awake until 12 or 1am, and I always had a hard time staying asleep, ALWAYS waking at 2am and being awake the rest of the night.  I never imagined that even insomnia could be genetic programming.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for helping me to see how my inability to relax and sleep was a pattern and a program and for helping me to transform it!  That session with you was one of the most transformative experiences…and I have been sleeping soundly like a baby since that session over a month ago!  One month, and no sleep meds, no problems falling asleep, no problems staying asleep.  Honestly, in my adult life, this has never happened.  I’d been on and off sleep aids over the years, was always exhausted and never felt rested.  This is the first time, since I was a kid, that I have been able to sleep soundly through the night 100% naturally, and I cannot express my gratitude enough!   I am in awe of how simple and quick it was too!  How something so taxing on my energy that I had carried around for decades could change in an instant!  I feel like I have a new lease on life and have so much energy now!

And today’s session was just icing on the cake.  To uncover the cross-wiring in my programming that has caused me to struggle with dieting and yo-yoing weight my whole life…and to finally be free of that is an amazing thing.  I feel so light and free.  I feel so happy.  My heart is expanding I almost feel high!  My hope is that everyone on the planet can experience some of the transformation that has taken place in my life since working with you.  I love you so much and am so grateful.  I sometimes have a hard time explaining to people what you do, but I can say that what you do works more effectively, more quickly, more easily than anything I’m aware of.  Thank you.  Much love and aloha.” –  Tonya


“You  have really changed my life in many ways. My practice has skyrocketed, and I feel that I am a clearer channeler and a more effective healer! I have witnessed profound changes in my clients’ lives, and in my life, as well. I am so very grateful that the Creator led me to you. Thank you!” – Isabel


“Hi Carolanne:

Hope all is well with you. Interesting that I got this newsletter from you the other day about allowing. I just had an experience with my son; made a bad choice again, however, and I was really angry with him. I was really upset that I didn’t want him to through away his opportunities and choose the hard way like me. Once I let go of that, something amazing happened. We had lunch and he talked about the incident and came up with his pattern on his own! He then actually asked me to work on it with him, which we did, without resistance that he had before when working with me.

I want to thank you so much for being the light that finally opened up his awareness for him. I guess a lot of what I have said did sink in. I am truly grateful for this moment in time and for you being in my life.
Hugs and Much Love.
P.S. – I did work on my client today for free, but told her this would be the last “free” session. She was so thankful and told me that she wants to pay me and that all of her friends have seen her change in the last couple of weeks! Amazing…I am moving forward with my new website and store today :)” – Ann


“When I originally signed up for the Healing, Energy & Learning Workshop I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But once you took us through this special guided meditation, I began to understand why I attended.  Releasing major traumatic memories that have been trapped in my cells was incredibly uplifting… As though I was no longer emotionally affected by my trauma that kept haunting me all my life. And finally to close out the workshop, the class did a power breathing exercise and I experienced energy! It was better than anything I’ve ever done in my life and boy let me tell you what!!! I felt like electricity was going up and down throughout my entire body!

After a restful night’s sleep, I woke up the next morning and felt a little tired and some flu-like symptoms for a few hours. I didn’t have a fever or headache – I felt completely exhausted. I later learned that I had experienced a complete purging or detoxification as a result of my workshop experience. When I woke up the day after, I was completely energized and happy!  In conclusion, I can honestly say that the workshop gave me confirmation for the first time in my life of who I am, where I’m going and what my true purpose in life on Earth really is!”  –  Kamran


“Hi Carolanne!

I have been wanting to thank you  for the class. I really enjoyed it and feel that I have benefited greatly! After my healing session I have felt like a new person! When I came home that day, I caught my reflection in the mirror and I had to stop and look at myself. I could see the change in my eyes! It seemed I had a clear view to my soul, and it looked at peace. I have been facing a lot of challenging things in my life this year. I don’t feel anxiety that I had before the class. So again, much gratitude and thanks for starting me on this journey of healing!!! I am looking forward to sharing it with others! I love you guys!!” – J.M.

“My daughter came home a new person! I am so happy and grateful to you!”

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“Words are not enough to thank you for sharing HEAL with all of us the way you do! You are an incredibly special teacher and healer! You not only inspire and share information, but you exude love and dedication in every word and action. I truly feel blessed to have spent the weekend in your company!” – B. C.

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“Hi there, I cannot express my new found love for life. I thought your sessions were amazing, and now that I have taken your class I now know what I want in my life! I am sure you girls are the best teachers in the business. You had our class laughing and really know how to connect to everyone there! I really feel like I am able to move forward with my dreams! Thank you-Thank you! All my Love!” – J.P. 

“What can I say! If I would have met you three years ago I would have saved about $6,000 in counseling(that never worked.) One session with you and I have found my happiness. You really know how to spread the love. Thanks again.”  Mike Peterson


“Hello Carolanne,

Wanted to tell you that I have now made it 14 months without a shingles outbreak, a new record for me! As you know, shingles are triggered by stress, and I have been thru some extremely long drawn out stressful situations this year that in the past would have certainly triggered severe outbreaks, and still have remained outbreak free. And I have not taken the daily meds, either. I believe that the downloads you provided have truly removed this virus from my body, and that is such a blessing I cannot thank you enough. I greatly appreciate your help, and look forward to working with you. These are powerful & fascinating forces you are working with here, and I am happy to be fortunate enough to share in this process with you. Thank you so much….” Sharon M. Thompson


“I just came home from my son’s school this morning and he was awarded the A/B honor for the 3rd trimester…this is huge for us. This was a little boy who cried not too long ago about how he felt so dumb and stupid and school was sooooooo hard. His success has to do with hard work and  for removing blocks. Yay Yay…Thank you!” –       Anne W.


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You know what…? Vianna had to go to Hawaii to get her joy back! I went to Orlando!!!! I love you girl! Thank you  for helping me change my life!” – Fabi


“Dear Carolanne,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank  you  for the awesome healings you have given me in the last week. You have such an intuitive ability to understand the problems I was facing and exactly the right way to give for the healing I was desperately in need of. A few minutes with you achieved results that will stay with me for a lifetime. All the advice and healings you provided came straight from the Plane of pure love, never judgmental. I highly recommend to anyone seeking loving, generous lasting healings to call you immediately. I also consider you to be a life long friend. I am so grateful that you are part of my life’s journey. All my love.” Denise